Aura Clan League History


Aura Clan League was created in the beginning of 2017. Clash Royale is and always will be a platform for 1v1 (until they introduced 2v2) gaming and Aura Gaming wanted to create a team vs team platform. With the number of family clans inside of Aura Gaming community, the management of Aura Gaming decided to set up an Internal league for our family members.

On 6th of March 2017, Aura Clan League season 1 kicked off! The initial season followed the exact same format of various soccer leagues in the world. A win would earn the team 3 points, a draw would be 1 point and a loss 0 point. The 1st season lasted a whopping 16 weeks! We appreciate every single participants and marshals that were committed to these 16 weeks. The 1st season could still be found here:

We heard the feed backs from season 1 and decide to cut the season shorter and improvise certain rulings and play style of a match.

Hence, Season 2 was born! This time we copied the UEFA Champions League format with 4 groups and the entire duration of the season would only be 6 weeks! The top 4 teams from Season 1 would be seeded in each group and the rest of the teams will be randomly drawn.

The Aura Clan League committee and Aura Gaming Management team hope to bring the competitive spirit out of the local clans in Singapore & Malaysia so that everyone can have fun and improve their competitive skills as well.